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Clarington Real Estate Lawyers

We Service All of Ontario

If you are buying or selling a property located in Clarington or anywhere in Ontario, Real Estate Lawyers.ca LLP can assist you with the closing. Included in our flat-rate legal fee is one remote video signing appointment. You can sign by video conference anywhere in the world from 7am-midnight (EST) 7 days a week. (www.RealEstateLawyers.ca/mobile)

Clarington meeting location, document drop off and key pick up:

Visit our locations page for the nearest office to you. (Click here)

Our Clarington Real Estate Lawyers can close your real estate transaction with our remote video signing service. Whether you are buying a home, selling a home or need to refinance your mortgage Real Estate Lawyers.ca LLP can handle all your Clarington real estate needs.  Contact us today!

Our flat rate legal fees include the following:

1. 100% price match guarantee (www.RealEstateLawyers.ca/guarantee)

2. Video conference anywhere in the world from 7 am-midnight (EST) 7 days a week

3. Pay your down payment electronically to our trust account via bill payment

4. Pick up your keys at any of our 30+ offices locations throughout Ontario

5. Speak to a lawyer for legal advice on your transaction

6. Client portal to manage all of your transactions (coming soon!)

7. We wire your closing funds to the seller’s lawyer from one of our trust accounts (we have accounts at all major financial institutions to maximize funds transfer speed between lawyers)

8. We can close transactions where the purchase price of your property exceeds $1M, as each of our lawyers has $59M of insurance per transaction, whereas the majority of other real estate lawyers only have the minimum insurance of $1M per transaction.

What is needed from you to get started?

STEP 1 (Send Us Your Agreement of Purchase and Sale):

Forward your Agreement of purchase and sale (and Status Certificate) along with all waivers to our office. (Can be sent by you or your Real Estate Agent)

STEP 2 (Contact your Lender):

Contact your Mortgage Broker or Lender (Bank)

  • Let them know that we will be representing you;
  • Ask them to forward Mortgage Instructions to our office.

All documentation can be sent by:

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