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Wills and Power of Attorney

We encourage everyone to have a Will and Powers of Attorney.

A lawyer will help you navigate how to distribute and structure your assets, estate(s) and financial holdings to be passed onto your loved ones. At Real Estate Lawyers.ca LLP we can answer your questions to simplify the procedure going at your own pace to minimize stress and ensure your wishes are fulfilled.


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FAQ – Wills & Powers of Attorney

Yes. Please contact our office at [email protected] and request an intake form. If you prefer you can call 1 (855) 466-3801 and speak to one our staff.
Is the will for yourself or for a couple?
If the will is for yourself the fee is $500 plus HST
The fee for a couples will is $850 plus HST
TODAY! Virtually every adult should have a Will and review it at least every three to five years (or when a major life event has occured, such as the birth of a baby, death of a beneficiary, new property purchase, etc.). A change in marital status in your family, the birth or death of a family member or a change in your fiancial situation or employment status are all good reasons to think about the importance of an up to date will. If you are not sure whether to proceed, give our office a call and we will review your situation and make an appropriate recommendation. There's no obligation and you will have the information you need to make an informed decision.
Our fee is $200 plus HST.

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