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What is included in our Flat Rate Legal Fee:
  • One signing appointment anywhere in Southern Ontario including our mobile signing service where we come to you 7 days a week from 7am - midnight. We come to you at the time and location of your choice to sign your closing documents
  • Review of Agreement of Purchase & Sale
  • Review of Amendments and Waivers
  • Review of Status Certificate, if applicable
  • Unlimited access to your lawyer & law clerk via phone and email
  • Review of insurance binder
  • Preparation of legal documentation for closing.
  • Review of lender/bank first mortgage instructions
  • Preparation of first mortgage legal documentation.
  • Arranging Title Insurance
  • Review of Title Search documents
  • Review of Writ search and documents
  • All internal disbursements such as paper, faxes, long distance charges, couriers etc.
  • For purchase prices under $1,000,000
What is NOT included in our Flat Rate Legal Fee:

Our flat rate legal fee applies to a residential single family dwelling on city services, being vacant on closing with one first mortgage and no other encumbrances or liens on title. Our disbursements (if applicable) comply with LSO Rule 4.2-2.1: HST, land transfer tax, govt. document registration fees, fees charged by govt., Teranet fees, costs of condo status certificate, lawyers creditor's letters and title insurance.

The fee is valid if our firm is hired and receives the Agreement of Purchase and Sale and any mortgage documentation at least 5 business days prior to closing. If any unforeseen issues arise you will be notified immediately. Note that additional charges apply to investment properties, commercial properties, occupancy closings, lines of credit or additional mortgages/lines of credit, assignment of rents, bridgeloans and receiving the Agreement of Purchase and Sale and any mortgage documentation within 5 business days of closing or any other matter beyond the scope of a standard real estate transaction noted above.