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Selling Real Estate

If you are selling a property located anywhere in Ontario, Real Estate Lawyers.ca LLP can assist you with the closing. Included in our flat-rate legal fee is one remote video signing appointment. You can sign by video conference anywhere in the world from 7am-midnight (EST) 7 days a week. (www.RealEstateLawyers.ca/mobile)

Our flat rate legal fees include the following:

  1. 100% price match guarantee (www.RealEstateLawyers.ca/guarantee)
  2. Video conference anywhere in the world from 7 am -midnight (EST) 7 days a week
  3. Receive your net proceeds by EFT or wire as per your direction RE funds (no holds on your money)
  4. Get a free lockbox so you don’t have to be without your keys prior to closing
  5. Speak to a lawyer for legal advice on your transaction
  6. Client portal to manage all of your transactions (coming soon!)
  7. We accept funds from the buyer’s lawyer to any of our trust accounts (we have accounts at all major financial institutions to maximize funds transfer speed between lawyers)
  8. Each of our lawyers has $59 million insurance coverage per transaction whereas the industry standard is $1 million
  9. We can close transactions where the purchase price exceeds $1M as each of our lawyers has $59M per transaction, whereas LawPro has advised that 99% of all lawyers only have the minimum insurance of $1M per transaction.

What is needed from you to get started?

Send Us Your Agreement of Purchase and Sale:

Forward your Agreement of Purchase and Sale along with all waivers to our office. (Can be sent by you or your Real Estate Agent.)

All documentation can be sent by:

Fax Us:

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FAQ - Selling Real Estate

To hire Real Estate Lawyers.ca LLP all you need to do is get us your Agreement of Purchase and Sale by email or fax: Email: [email protected] Fax: 1-855-466-3803
In addition to the Agreement of Purchase and Sale we will require your most recent property tax bill and mortgage statement or line of credit statement for all liens secured by the property you are selling. We will require a key to the property and your post closing address.
Once we receive your Agreement of Purchase and Sale, we will open your file within 1 (one) business day. You will receive a detailed closing checklist of what you need to do before closing. Your law clerk will be in touch with you approximately 10 (ten) days prior to your closing date. You will not hear from us before then but you can contact us by phone or email at any time if you have questions along the way.
Once we have all documentation from your lender we will be able to finalize the documentation for you to sign. If our instructions are followed and we receive mortgage instructions more than 5 business days prior to closing we will be sending you an appointment request 2-5 business days before closing. We prefer not to have you sign on the day of closing as it causes you too much stress.
You select the time and location of where you want to sign your documents. For example, Saturday night at home, or during lunch time at work, or after work at home. Included in your flat rate legal fee is one remote video signing appointment. Visit www.RealEstateLawyers.ca/Mobile for more details about our mobile signing option. We operate such service from 7am-midnight (EST), 7 days a week.
If you are selling a detached home or townhouse we will provide you a lock box free of charge so you do not have to be without your keys. Simply leave the key in the lock box on the day of closing and walk away. If you are selling a condo, we will require a key and fob to the property no later than 2 business days prior to closing so that we have time to courier the same to the buyer’s lawyer. All remaining keys to the property can be left in the kitchen for the buyer.
Our flat rate legal fee applies to a residential single family dwelling on city services, being vacant on closing with one first mortgage and no other encumbrances or liens on title. Our disbursements (if applicable) comply with LSO Rule 4.2-2.1: HST, land transfer tax, govt. document registration fees, fees charged by govt., Teranet fees, costs of condo status certificate, lawyers creditor's letters and title insurance. The fee is valid if our firm is hired and receives the Agreement of Purchase and Sale and mortgage instructions at least 5 business days prior to closing. If any unforeseen issues arise you will be notified immediately. Note that additional charges apply to investment properties, commercial properties, occupancy closings, lines of credit or additional mortgages/lines of credit, bridge loans or any other matter beyond the scope of a standard real estate transaction. Visit www.RealEstateLawyers.ca/quote for a detailed quote for your transaction which can be instantly emailed to you.
Once we receive all payouts and discharge statements we will be able to finalize your final figures. All figures will be finalized prior to the closing of your transaction.
When you sign your closing documentation you will sign a direction to our firm as to whether you want to receive funds by Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) or Wire Transfer. Funds are released as per your direction the business day following closing.
Once we close your transaction and register you as the new owner you will receive an email confirming that your deal is closed. Attached to this email will be your closing report and final figures.

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